Sunday, January 24, 2010

in the beginning.

Orientation stuff is over and classes begin tomorrow. After a very busy three days, we all decided to sleep in and relax, and upload our pictures of Arezzo as well as our eventful nights. It’s refreshing to not have anywhere to be at any specific time.

Arezzo is a relatively small city (town, maybe?) but large enough to not get bored. Unlike Rome or Florence, we along with some students from Oklahoma, are the only Americans in town. This makes the language barrier a bit more difficult, but once we start taking Italian, we’ll be fine. Right now I can say “Ciao,” “Grazie,” and “Per favore.” The locals are forgiving and many of them know a little english, so it’s not that bad. The funny thing is that they can’t differentiate between American or English accents, so many times we are mistaken for Brits. At least we won’t be “the stupid Americans.”

The food. Ohhhh, the food. Ricardo, the chef here makes us the most delicious meals, which most of the time incorporate pasta. This isn’t surprising at all, considering where we are. Along with cooking, Ricardo is a huge fan of throwing parties in the mensa complete with karaoke, beer pong, and flip cup. I’m just going to stop there, so my parents are ensured I'm going to be receiving an actual education. Hi, Kit and Don :)

Since classes haven’t started yet, I don’t have too much to comment on but I’d rather write a lot of shorter posts instead of a few novels. I figure it’s easier to read that way. I’m definitely enjoying myself, although I do get homesick sometimes. It’s strange knowing that I’m not on vacation, even though it feels that way right now. There is a never a time I wish I weren’t here, and whenever we all talk about the classes we’ll be taking and the teachers we’ll be learning from, I just get more and more excited.

Ciaoooo for now.

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