Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lessons learned.

There is a book in the living room in which past ADA students have left pages of wisdom, inspiration, or whatever they feel like. Tonight, as a little activity of sorts, we all made our own pages to add for future ADA generations.

Here are a few of the entries that particularly stood out to me:

"Move in every direction simultaneously." -Scott

"Yes, it is impossible. But we are dancers, it is what we must do." -Mark

"Sometimes you are the person who cures, sometimes the person who is cured. Sometimes you fall and sometimes you catch. But you have to learn both roles." -Gianni

"You are enough!" -Claire

Everyday you must...
Take a deep breath of the freshest air you can find, touch somebody, and dance.

Remember that...
Beauty is something unique and spontaneous.

And always...
Enjoy your time in the sun.

Let happen.

Other important (or not so important) life developments include:

1. We're performing in Cortona next week!
2. To promote the performance, we're also performing on ITALIAN TELEVISION. Craaaazy!
3. My parents visit soon!
4. I went to a wine tasting yesterday.
5. I should be studying for my Italian final, which is tomorrow.
6. I played Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) in an Italian skit. Big surprise?
7. I only have ten days left. Fastest three months ever.

Why does time fly by so fast?

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