Monday, March 1, 2010

asleep on a sunbeam.

After a very sweaty four hours Friday morning (modern and African), Courtney and I quickly showered, packed, and made our way to the train station to go to Rome. Lunch was a delicious kebab from “the kebab place” where the woman recognizes us and sometimes gives us free bakalava.

The train ride was fine. Courtney and I accidentally bought regional train tickets (the one that takes longer, but is cheaper) and got on the faster, more expensive one. Everything worked out though, and we arrived to Roma in one piece.

Compared to Arezzo, Rome is huuuge! The train station itself was a bit overwhelming, but seeing Liz’s (our friend who we were visiting) blonde hair through a sea of brunettes was WONDERFUL. After reuniting after about six months, we went to her apartment to drop off our stuff and rest for awhile. We had been going nonstop since 8 am, so a quick nap was much needed. We ate dinner at a place called Le Fate (The Fairies) where they have a student menu. Only ten euro for two courses, dessert, and wine! The coolest part of our dining experience was having two bag pipers dressed in kilts come in the restaurant to play. The whole city, in general, was full of Scots because they were playing against Italy in a rugby match on Saturday. This made for entertaining encounters at Campo, the square where most University students hang out on weekends. And in case you were wondering, Italy won the match.

The three of us got our first taste of spring weather on Saturday as we made our way through the city. Laying outside the Galleria Borghese at noon in 65 degree weather was just what I needed. Just walking around as we pleased without the pressure of hitting every major tourist location was perfect to say the least.

Liz made us dinner Saturday night with ingredients she bought from a market near her apartment. Everything I eat here is so good that I may just have to get everything imported from Italy once I go home. If only that could actually happen.
Courtney and I got back to Arezzo around six last night, grabbed another kebab from the same place (she loves us) and headed home to the villa. All this week we have Butoh (a Japanese dance form) for about six hours a day. No complaints so far!

In other news, Greece countdown= five days. Whaaatttt?!

In other, other news, even though I’m having a great time here, I miss people. A lot. Maybe some of you will be receiving post cards soon. Keyword: maybe.

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