Friday, February 19, 2010


last night was our second cabaret, an evening where we can all show each other what we've worked on. the theme for this one was that we had to incorporate material from our classes. all the dancers got together and performed a structured improv. one of the girls will post a video on youtube/facebook soon, so you can all see! other acts included the mfa students doing a tribute to brian burroughs, a visiting professor from ireland who we miss every day, the undergrad theatre kids, claire and jessica being absolutely hilarious, and jasmine playing the guitar/singing a few songs she wrote.

the best part of the night was that students from oklahoma who are also studying in arezzo came to the villa. it was nice to see new faces, speak some inglese, and perform for strangers. a few of them stuck around after the show and i think sometime soon a bunch of us will hang out.

in other news, i currently know three chords on the guitar. i also got a little cough/cold thing, which blows. a bunch of us are sticking around arezzo for the weekend to relax after the past two weekend trips, so i'll have time to recuperate.

but before that, ricardo is throwing mensa part part deux. wahooo!

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