Sunday, February 7, 2010

i'm gonna be (500 miles).

A week had gone by and most of us hadn’t left the villa except to go to ballet twice. Even though we all know ADA is a different type of abroad program which requires extreme focus, by Friday we all started getting a little villa fever.

So off we went to Florence on Saturday. Initially drawn by the Chocolate Fair, this would be the perfect opportunity to explore another Italian city. After arriving, getting lost, and dropping our bags off at the hostel, we were off.

The chocolate fair was soooo good. So good you were literally surrounded by chocolate and could smell it in the air. I tried a lot of free samples, drank a cup of melted chocolate, and bought a small bag of six assorted truffles. I don’t even like chocolate that much, but I think I do now.

Shopping, dinner, and gelato were next. Nothing too blog-worthy happened here. I spent money and ate things.

Afterwards, all nine of us ended up going to Space (a discoteca) to have fun and dance, yada yada yada. I learned that Italians are creepy and Australians are crazy. And no matter what people say, I love Lady GaGa.

Today we checked out of the hostel, grabbed cappuccinos, met two guys from California backpacking around Europe who spent the night in a carousel by the duomo, and said “hey” to David. Michelangelo’s David. THE David. You’d think the museum it’s in would be big and obvious for tourists to find, but it’s just a hole in the wall. After passing it within the first fifteen minutes, we proceeded to search another hour before realizing it had been under our noses the whole time. I guess that’s part of traveling, right?

Now, after purchasing a leather jacket from a nice man named Lapos, and riding a train for an hour back to Arezzo, I’m ready for dinner at a pasta place Scott, the founder of ADA, claims is life changing.

Next weekend: Venice for Carnival.

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