Wednesday, February 3, 2010

let it be.

If you haven’t noticed by now, all my posts are titled after songs. I did this for two reasons: 1. It means I don’t have to be clever and think of one. Instead I just go digging through my itunes library for a song that applies and 2. Grey’s Anatomy does the same thing with their episode names and I like it. I mention this now because I really didn’t want to title this one after the famous Beatles song— way too cliché. I had to, though, because it’s just way too perfect for what I’m about to talk about.

Yesterday was our first day with Giorgio Rossi. This name didn’t mean too much to me before coming to ADA (Accademia dell’Arte), aside from a few previous ADA dancers telling Courtney and I how much we will love him, so don’t worry if you’re wondering who he is. All you need to know is that he is wonderful. Half Italian, half Swiss, around 50 years and not intimidating in the slightest, Giorgio is constantly reminding us to just “let happen.” If you know me at all, that alone could explain to you why I love this man. His english isn’t the best, but instead of the language barrier making it difficult to learn from him, it does the complete opposite. Having a limited vocabulary forces Giorgio to strip concepts down to their most simplistic form, causing us to think differently about the movement we’re making with our bodies as we dance. Instead of worrying if your toes are perfectly pointed or if your arm is at the right angle, just do what you’re doing, enjoy it, and have that be enough.

If all of that flew way over your head, sorry, but this is a blog about me dancing in Italy. It was bound to happen sometime.

This weekend I’m going to Florence to see a show and explore a certain chocolate fair of sorts. It’ll be nice to escape the Arezzo bubble for awhile before I get back to write a philosophy paper and choreograph something for the next cabaret.

I haven’t bought Juno yet. But don’t worry, I will soon.

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