Sunday, February 14, 2010

ocean of noise.

Venice. Whoa my god. We left right after ballet on Friday after picking up some snacks and pizza for the four hour ride. After arriving at a train station outside of the actual city, we made our way to our hostel, dropped off our bags, and took a shuttle into Venice.

For those of you from Goucher/Baltimore, think Fells Point on Halloween. The streets were full of people dressed up in gorgeous, elaborate costumes and masks. It was basically one giant party in the Piazza di San Marco. After getting all we could out of the night, we caught our shuttle back to the hostel around three in the morning, and somehow managed to get enough sleep for the busy day ahead of us.

I woke up at eight to get ready to leave around nine. Five of us hit up the usual tourist attractions: Palazza di San Marco, the Basillica, and the Guggenheim (my favorite by far). We also took a leisurely boat taxi ride down the Grand Canal, which was beautiful to say the least. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of juice so I don’t have any pictures to prove I was there. Hopefully once it’s warmer and calmer (without Carnevale), I’ll make a second visit.

A few of us got back to Arezzo around one in the morning after a very interesting and chaotic journey to the train station. All I’ll say is that it involved getting lost in crowds, running to and in train stations, getting on the wrong train, and then leaping over people’s luggage to finally get on the right train. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be sitting on a train in my entire life. The whole mess also proved that everything always works out somehow.

So that’s Venice in a nutshell.

In other news, two girls hosted an impromptu jazz class Thursday night since we didn’t have any work due the next day. Naturally, we dressed to impress in our finest 80s/crazy workout gear. It was nice to de-stress and just dance like a bunch of crazies. I felt like I was at the ICS (camp reference. perry/mac i know you're making fun of me and i don't care).

Now, after a long week of classes and an exciting weekend trip, the Villa Godiola is without hot water. I haven’t showered since Thursday night, but at least I feel rested after sleeping for twelve hours. Courtney and I plan on heading into town later for dinner and then I’m going to go to bed to get ready for the week.

Oh yeah, it snowed a little here. Nothing compared to the blizzard at home, though.

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